Thursday, October 30, 2014

Angry Letter

Dear You,
            Yes you, “Mr. I think I know everything,” well guess what you don’t. You constantly have lies spewing from that mendacious mouth of yours. Saying that you are looking for other people to step up to the plate and yet you only use the same guys all of the time. Why do you give all these other people pouring their blood, sweat and bodies to better your “great men” if you will not even give them a chance to play. Why give all of the people that show the desire to play under those lights a false hope? Just because you feel bad for someone does not mean that you have to play them if there are clearly better personnel to fill in that spot. You, how dare you just brush off all of the people that do actually want to play and will give you their all in practice just to prove it to you. What is the point of trying to prove our worth if you just have your eyes fixated on these few men that don’t really seem like they are getting the job done if you just look at the record? Good luck to you next year and I hope this attitude changes from only seeing one group of people to seeing the potential of the entire team.

                                                                             The rest of your team

Monday, October 20, 2014

Timed Short Story: Aces

            It was Christmas Eve. Fog stuck to the tarmac at Lindberg Field. It was 5 o’clock in the morning as the soldiers woke up from whatever sleep they could get. The soldiers had realized what day it was only after being reminded, which makes a lot of them second guess their judgment on listening to old Uncle Sam. The soldiers of Lindberg Field were a part of the 74th Air Force Aces, they were in charge of providing air support for B-52 bombers from German fighter pilots. With it now being Christmas Eve the men wonder if this hell of a war will ever end. Even throughout all of this dreary weather and faces word had spread of a cease fire on Christmas day was in the works. All the men knew that even with this day of not fighting they would have to return to it the next day, but one day is what they need. A day away from the fiery terror in the sky, a day away from all this death, a day away from this nightmare that no man should have to bear witness to. It was still only Christmas Eve and the fighting still had to continue for what seemed like a lifetime.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Business Meeting (one act play)

Employee is sitting in his chair while the boss is standing behind him.

Boss: I’ve noticed your work ethic has been rather lacking

Employee: Yeah, sorry there has just been a lot on my mind lately

Boss: I understand personal lives can be hard to juggle sometimes, but you do need to get your work done

Employee: I understand sir, I will do those papers later I suppose

Boss: Why wait? Just do it now

Employee: I don’t know I feel like I can go another day without doing it

Boss: But all of your coworkers are wondering why you haven’t done it already

Employee: I’m sure they understand

Boss: Just be honest with yourself they don’t like you at all

Employee: You’re lying

Boss: Am I? I am your boss I see the way people act around here and I know what is best for you

Employee: Stop it, you don’t know anything about me

Boss: I know everything, all of your little secrets

Employee: Stop!

Boss: I see the way you look at Stacey, do you really think you have a chance?

Employee: I don’t know, maybe?

Boss: Listen to yourself you don’t know what you want, just do those papers and everything will be fine

Employee: Do you really think so?

Boss: I know so, trust me

Employee: No, no! I..I shouldn’t

Boss: Just do it!

Whispers “do it” repeatedly

Employee: No! No! No! No! Ahhhhh!

It goes dark and then there’s a loud bang

Friday, October 3, 2014

Peer Review

Maggie T.- I liked how you started out your short story and the way it was structured. I found it comical and well thought out.

Nicole L.- Your short story really kept me involved and wanting to know what was going to happen, there was good use of imagery and descriptions.

Sean I.- Your writings are very comical, and I like how you seem to be writing as if you are talking to someone in person

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

          Earth is in a simple and quiet state, not really worried about anything. The summer with mild and had the occasional rain, but not any severe hurricanes like in the past years. The winter was like the summer, with little snow and a crisp, cold air to it. The Boston Patriots had won the Super Bowl and are now working to get their fifth one in a row. President MacHarisson announced that the brand new Self-Farm plantations would be sent all around the world to help stop world hunger. MacHarrison is also working on his reelection that many people agree will be a shoe-in for him. The economy had a slight spike downwards but not too many people were affected. World leaders seem to be getting along with one another, and no conflicts are in the works. Many people agree that this has been the best year that the entire world has seen so far.

        Earth is ravaged with pollution. It is overpopulated and has little resources left. Human life expectancy is at an all-time low. People are attempted to be kept in line with the government use of robots, but these usually only appear in major cities. Anarchy still rises throughout the world to try and overthrow their leaders. Mankind is on the verge of extinction and needs an exodus strategy. No one knows how much longer mankind will last with the countless number of murders and crime. Mankind needs salvation from itself but no one knows where it is.