Thursday, January 22, 2015

Midterm Revisions

Double Narrative Midterm Revised

            The men landed and regrouped at the checkpoint. They were scared, fearing they would never return to their wives and families back at home. However, they knew they could not show it for they were brave american soldiers from all corners of the country bound together to fight a common evilMost of the men questioned their position in the country at this stage in the war and wondered if they would die for an imaginative thing, this idea of democracy. On this particular patrol they found themselves knocking on the enemies back door. It seemed peaceful as the rest of the battalion was taking off their parachutes. The first lieutenant was looking at the map as he pulled out his compass and pencil to figure out which way the rendezvous was with the first infantry. After getting everyone set the men moved out to the small village of Di Kha. The men found that the land was almost too quiet compared to their past missions. As they marched through the thick jungle and rice patties they had the eerie feeling like they were being watched. The heat was really getting to this the better of the soldiers as sweat poured down their faces causing vision to be impaired. The men found it strange to not have the smell of rotting dead bodies in the air. A stick broke in the thicket of the jungle away from the platoon and the first lieutenant ordered the men to stop. The men swung around there M16 rifles in every direction looking for an enemy they could not see. They stood in silence for what seemed like a millennium. The silence was broken by a loud scream in the bushes and then what sounded like an army followed it.

            Alright boys I don’t care what you hear about these POW camps and all the stories and legends behind them, we’re getting outta here. There numbers may be grander but we are Rangers God Dammit! It don't matter how many Viet Cong the send us we'll kill every single one. Now there patrols pass by every now and then, if we can get one of these assholes and his rifle then we can take out the whole camp. Who knew bamboo sticks would be so strong to keep us locked up like animals? I’ll tell you this boys, we ain’t animals, they are and they are the ones that will lose this fight. When night falls we will strike and free all of our brothers out of this hell hole. Alright here comes one of them now I will get his attention and Jimmy you snap that assholes neck into two. Alright Gyro you’re the best shot here I will give you the rifle but only shoot when it is our last resort we don't want the whole camp waking up. All right boys move as a unit and I will get us out of this mess alive.

Midterm Revision

  Earth is in a simple and quiet state, not really worried about anything. This particular summer, to most, was the best summer on the planet with mild temperatures and occasional rain, but not any severe hurricanes like in the past years. The winter was like the summer, with little snow and a crisp, cold air to it. The Boston Patriots had won the Super Bowl and are now working to get their fifth one in a row. However controversy has spiked in the sports world after the Super Bowl and Boston Patriot fans do not believe any of the ridiculous allegations. President MacHarisson announced that the brand new Self-Farm plantations would be sent all around the world to help stop world hunger from spreading. MacHarrison is also working on his reelection that many people agree will be a shoe-in for him. The economy had a slight spike downwards but not too many people were affected or even cared to notice since they were to busy enjoying their time in the roaring 550's. World leaders from all corners of the globe have been able to come together and work out differences and strive for a common good. Many people agree that this has been the best year that the entire world has seen so far.

        Earth is ravaged with pollution. It is overpopulated and has little resources left. Human life expectancy is at an all-time low leaving people to question whether they should even continue to have children in this hell of a world. People are attempted to be kept in line with the government use of robots, but these usually only appear in major cities protcting those who have what is left for food. Anarchy still rises throughout the world to try and overthrow their leaders, blaming them for this downfall and feeling that violence is the only way returning to survival of the fitest. Mankind is on the verge of extinction and needs an exodus strategy. No one knows how much longer mankind will last with the countless number of murders and crime. Mankind needs salvation from itself but no one knows where it is or how long they will have to wait for it.

  FanFiction Revised
        As she drove away from Rick she was trying to piece together in her mind that she might never see her family again. It broke her heart to come to this realization, but she knew what she did was right. Killing and burning those bodies was the only hope that the prison could have to stop the infection from spreading to everyone. Carol was the only one who could bring themselves to do it in this god forsaken world they have found themselves in. Carol did the only thing she had trained all the other kids to do and that was to survive. Quiet and abandoned, the town was a sign of a new start for Carol. After going through stores, which had been cleared out from all the chaos, she scavenged what she could. A few cans of what was now a mystery meat and water bottles. As she walked throughout the town she found herself looking at an abandoned apartment complex and decided to try and stay the night. Knife in hand she went door by door making sure she would not get attacked in her sleep like her husband did. She finally found her own little room and sealed it off with an old wooden dresser. As she started to close her eyes she heard a banging. Immediately she grabbed her knife and tried to figure out where the noise was emanating from. She found the problem behind an opaque glass door. It was a female walker trying to get at her like the wall wasn't there. As Carol was reaching for the doorknob, a child of no more than six appeared and clawed at the glass as well. Carol froze and just stood there, the hand hovering over the doorknob started to shake remembering her little Sophia as she walked out of that barn a monster that no mother wants to see their child turn into. A monster only hungry only for flesh. Carol remembered watching as the bullet traveled through her daughters head and her infected blood spilling everywhere creating a pool in the dirt. Carol dropped her knife and covered her mouth with both hands as she slid along the wall to the floor in tears. Seeing this not only reminded her of Sophia but also how she might never see her group again. Carol finally was overcome with sleep and the constant thumping on the glass was drowned out. Darkness filled her eyes until the thumping started to grow louder and she woke up in a flash, startled and looked around rapidly moving her head in all directions. After realizing she was safe her breath returned to a steady pace and she found herself looking at the walkers silhouettes again. After staring at them with a face of anger and disappointment, she sat up, grabbed her knife and went back to grab her things to go out and scavenge again. Carol realized that she still had to do one thing, and that was survive.

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