Monday, December 22, 2014

Fan Fiction Hybrid (Genre: The Walking Dead-Writing Style: George RR Martin)


        As she drove away from Rick she was trying to piece together in her mind that she might never see her friends again. It broke her heart to come to this realization, but she knew what she did was right. Killing and burning those bodies was the only hope that the prison could have to stop the infection from spreading to everyone. Carol was the only one who could bring themselves to do it in this god forsaken world they have found themselves in. Carol did the only thing she had trained all the other kids to do and that was to survive. Quiet and abandoned, the town was a sign of a new start for Carol. After going through stores, which had been cleared out from all the chaos, she scavenged what she could. She found herself looking at an abandoned apartment complex and decided to try and stay the night. Knife in hand she went door by door making sure she would not get attacked in her sleep like her husband did. She finally found her own little room and sealed it off with an old wooden dresser. As she started to close her eyes she heard a banging. Immediately she grabbed her knife and tried to figure out where the noise was emanating from. She found the problem behind an opaque glass door. It was a female walker trying to get at her like the wall wasn’t there. As Carol was reaching for the doorknob, a child of no more than six appeared and clawed at the glass as well. Carol froze and just stood there remembering her little Sophia as she walked out of that barn. Except it was not her Sophia that walked out it was another being hungry only for flesh. Carol remembered watching as the bullet traveled through her daughters head and her infected blood spilled everywhere. Carol dropped her knife and covered her mouth with both hands and slid along the wall to the floor in tears. Seeing this not only reminded her of Sophia but also how she might never see her group again. Carol finally was overcome with sleep and the constant thumping on the glass was drowned out. Darkness filled her eyes until the thumping started to grow louder and she woke up in a flash, startled and looked around rapidly moving her head in all directions. After realizing she was safe her breath returned to a steady pace and she found herself looking at the walkers silhouettes again. After staring at them with a face of anger and disappointment, she sat up grabbed her knife and went back to grab her things to go out and scavenge again. Carol realized that she still had to do one thing, and that was to survive.

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